Top 6.9 Reasons Not to Give Away Your Top 7 Secret Business Tips

Many business consultants promote themselves through information selling techniques such as displaying website information or writing articles in Trade Publication or Online. One common practice is to tell of Secret Industry Tips to entice potential clientele into signing up for consulting services.But often some of these poor consultants have so little information to give that once they blow their wad or spill the beans, well they ain’t got nothing left to tell. This is problematic because the consultee is expecting expert advice and know how based on many years of observation, experience and real world doing it. Here are the top 6.9 reasons a consultant should not give out all his or her knowledge in Top 7 articles on their website or in trade journals.1.) If you write a monthly column in a Trade Journal then eventually you will have given away all your expertise.2.) The more information you give away, sometimes the less your potential clients need.3.) If you give all your information away, then it is considered of zero economic value so why pay for it.4.) If you give all the industry information away you increase competition and decrease the need for consultants.5.) If you put all your knowledge on your website then your potential clients will take it and never hirer you.6.) If you post all your information in 35 articles on Top 7 Tips, secrets or reasons on an online article submission site then they will be syndicated to the world and then no one will need consultants in your industry again.6.9) I am will not tell you all my secrets because if you want more knowledge you will have to hire me as your consultant you see?Personally, I am not a consultant type although have consulted some in my day. I find it appalling the amount of work that many professional parasites do in order to hide industry information in the form of secrets. Yet as I contemplate their reasoning, I see their logic. This article is written from their perspective and the battle which goes on inside their head in considering all this and the abundance of information flow.